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War Status

Earth Defense Forces

Ships: 2

Mechs: 500

Troops: 10,000

Bases: 3


Wistis Empire Forces

Ships: 49

Mechs: 15,000

Troops: 1,000,000

Bases: 0

Money: 1,000,000


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Difiant One [E.D.F Flagship]

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1 Difiant One [E.D.F Flagship] on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:51 pm

Defiant One

Type: H. Destroyer/Carrier
Model: NAT001HD
Designer: North American Technologies
Captain: Cpt. Scott Cross Sr.


1x C.A.L - a heavy laser mounted on the underside of the bow.

35x AA Guns- solid shell AP round turrets located all over the hull to maximize defense against fighters, and missiles.

10x AS Guns -solid shell HE round guns with 3 located on the top, and 3 on the under belly of the bow. 2 located at the aft, 1 at the forward starburg, and 1 at the forward port.

8 x missile launchers - located on the main body the launchers launch numerous missiles at targets.

30 x yggdrasil pulse lasers - the new prototype energy weapons located all over the hull.


Active camo
Yggdrasil MK I power plant
Yggdrasil Shielding
Yggdrasil Engines
AG Engines

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