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War Status

Earth Defense Forces

Ships: 2

Mechs: 500

Troops: 10,000

Bases: 3


Wistis Empire Forces

Ships: 49

Mechs: 15,000

Troops: 1,000,000

Bases: 0

Money: 1,000,000


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Adapt (1st unit discovered on the Wistis Ship)

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Unit name: Adapt
Type: All Terrain, All Range, and Transformable frame
Model#: ?
Developer: Wistis Empre
Pilot: Warren Kol

Height: 15 meters

The Adapt possesses a basic frame design showing a more aerodynamic, and slim frame. the color of the machine changes between three colors gray when it is inactive, Black while under normal operations, and silver-white while limit breaker is active. Adapt possesses a head design that is meant to give a somewhat intimidating effect the eyes of the machine give a red glow while active, and when limit breaker is active are a pale blue. The body has a design that starts of larger at the upper chest, then gets skinnier starting at the area below the chest. On the back located at the shoulder blades are two small energy emitting thrusters that extend down to the lower back, open more for more speed, and open about to 110 degrees when in limit breaker.

It also has a cockpit hatch in the neck cavity connecting to the torso. The cockpit is a panoramic cockpit with a direct neural link built into the cockpit for when the Adapt enters Limit breaker. On each shoulder, and the outer knee are vernires that increases maneuverability in space, and atmosphere. On each palm are circular energy emitters used as very short range weapons, and on the back of the wrists are devices that engage beam blades about 2 meters each when in limit breaker.

When in fighter form the mech is mostly triangular in shape, has 2 thrusters on the back that allow it to travel at mock 5 in atmosphere, and space. It also has the verniers from before on the sides, and with 4 others 2 on the bottom, two on the top to increase maneuverability while doing various complex movements in space, and atmosphere. The arms become flexed triangular shape wings when in atmosphere, but while in space kept closer to the body, and straight when in space. When out of fighter form the extra verniers, and thrusters are inside the Mecha body.


1x Single Edged beam rifle Sword.
2x Willo~O~wisp - twin blades
2x palm energy emitters


1x long range Yggdrasil Beam Cannon

Special equipment

Yggdrasil power plant MK. V
Limit Surpass

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