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War Status

Earth Defense Forces

Ships: 2

Mechs: 500

Troops: 10,000

Bases: 3


Wistis Empire Forces

Ships: 49

Mechs: 15,000

Troops: 1,000,000

Bases: 0

Money: 1,000,000


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Mission 1 - Capture Wistis Battleship

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51 Re: Mission 1 - Capture Wistis Battleship on Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:32 pm

After awhile the three ships arrived back at earth's orbit, and a communication came through to the ship instructing the crew of Difiant One to reboard it, and the ship enter earth's atmosphere to operate in australiana supporting the ground forces in their battles against the Wistis forces Base.

After ten minutes one of the dropships belonging to the Difiant One entered the hanger to retrieve the soldiers, and to drop off replacements to operate the ship.

-------- Difiant One Bridge -----------
"Alright so captain those are the orders for your ship, the details will be sent to your personal quarters later. For now get ready for reentry."
A voice on the bridge spoke to Cross making him even more frustrated.
"Mission confirmed."
Scott said as he lit a cigarette, and left the bridge.
"Never a break always more, and more work."

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52 Re: Mission 1 - Capture Wistis Battleship on Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:08 am

Sora and Nichole had just gone off to do whatever figuring they were not needed again since they had people searching for more members for their team since they lost all the old ones.

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