The board about the Earth Defense forces.

War Status

Earth Defense Forces

Ships: 2

Mechs: 500

Troops: 10,000

Bases: 3


Wistis Empire Forces

Ships: 49

Mechs: 15,000

Troops: 1,000,000

Bases: 0

Money: 1,000,000


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General Terms

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1 General Terms on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:01 am

  • Mental Response Armor: Shortened to MRA The mental response armor is a Environmentally sealed suit of armor covering an exoskeleton which the user first equips the exoskeleton then a machine then adds the armor on. The armor can be added on manually, but takes longer than if the machine does it.

  • Armored Transforming Frame: Shortened to ATF They are the commonly used Mechs by the Earth forces, and the Wistis forces most of the time they are in a humanoid shape, but possesses a second form which are either aircraft, or heavy armored vehicles. They are generally about 12 - 30 meters in height, and possess distinct features depending on where they were developed. 

  • Yggdrasil: A unique type of crystal found on ice planets that when warmed converts to liquid that will get bigger, and grow until it has no space left to grow. when harnessed for energy it will provide a near limitless amount of energy, it can be used as fuel for engines, provide energy for systems, and can be used as energy for energy weapons. however normal copper can not withstand it so the need for something new is required.

  • Nidhogg ore: A synthetic ore comprised of iron, copper, and Alconiz a unique element found primarily on volcanic planets the Nidhogg ore is used to replace copper in systems which make use of the Yggdrasil, it can also be used to create a metal called Nidrasil which is used in the creation of ships, and various structures. After the ore is created it can be surprisingly to create more of it's self through common minerals. such as rock, and crystals.
  • Alconiz:
  • Nidrasil:

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