The board about the Earth Defense forces.

War Status

Earth Defense Forces

Ships: 2

Mechs: 500

Troops: 10,000

Bases: 3


Wistis Empire Forces

Ships: 49

Mechs: 15,000

Troops: 1,000,000

Bases: 0

Money: 1,000,000


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AI - Asgard Industries

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1 AI - Asgard Industries on Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:43 pm

Asgard industries is the oldest of the three big companies of earth, and were the first company to release the MRA, and ATF frames.

HQ: Berlin Germany
Branch: N/A


AI - 01A Skirmisher - Retired
AI - 02A Jetburst - Development


MRA MK I - Retired
MRA MK II - Scraped
MRA MK III - Mass Produced
MRA MK IV - Development with NAT

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